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You know agriculture. We know financing.

At Security Bank we know and understand that farming is more than a business – it is a way of life. Our agri-business lenders have the experience necessary to help you efficiently manage the finances of your farming operation.

We help build a relationship with you by providing access to a network of resources.  Best of all, decision making for your financing needs are made by your local bankers.

Ag Loan Products Available:

  • Real Estate
  • Operating
  • Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Buildings and Grain Bins
  • NIFA-First Time Farmer loans

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Agri-Business Toolbox

You make the decisions. We make the tools to make them easier.

Sometimes You Just Need the Right Tool 

Want to find out how you can better manage your risk in any of these areas, don’t hesitate to contact one of our lenders to help address those concerns. We have various tools to help you stand ready and take additional steps toward success! 


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Financial Focus | Agri-Business Newsletter

Your Agri-Business is our Focus.


FINANCIAL FOCUS : Agri-Business Focus

Our newsletter is published monthly.  If you would like to sign-up to receive these articles please enroll below!

#40 - November 2018 : Are You Asking the Critical Questions Before Purchasing Farm Real Estate

#39 - October 2018 : It's Time to Get Serious About Your Succession Planning

#38 - September 2018 : Six Ways to Drive Productivity

#37 - August 2018 :  How Does The Bank Handle Hedging With Futures And Options?

#36 - July 2018  : Marketing Grain Can Be A Challenge - How Can You Best Weather The Storm?

#35 - June 2018: Executing A Marking Plan That is Best For Your Agri-Business (Featuring Hurley & Associates

#34 - May 2018: Aiming for Success?  Daily Discipline May Help You Achieve It...

#33 - April 2018: Is Your Operation Budgeted for Sustainability?

#32 - March 2018: What is Your Credit Limit Based On?

#31 - February 2018: It's Like a Big Bowl of Marbles...How to MakeThem Roll In Your Favor

#30 - January 2018: What does your finacial fuel gauge say?

#29 - December 2017: Time To Negotiate Your Cash Rent?

#28 - November 2017 : 2017 Ag Seminar Invitation

#27 - October 2017 : Take the Emotion Out of Marketing

#26 - August 2017 : Struggling With Record Keeping For Your Agri-Business?

#25 - July 2017 : Taking a Look at Your Reputational Equity

#24 - June 2017 : Avoid Hiring Pitfalls on Your Farm

#23 - May 2017 : Top 10 Farm Producer Questions

#22 - April 2017: Top 4 Considerations When Deciding Where to Haul/Sell Your Grain

#21 - March 2017:  What Potential Issues are on your Horizon? Plan Ahead & Improve Your Chances for Success!

#20 - January 2017 : Figuring Cash Rent? Don't Let The Threat of Unexpected Costs Sneak Up On You

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Agri-Business Education/Seminars

Committed to providing educational opportunities to our customers...



At Security Bank, we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool in your operation.  Throughout the year we strive to provide area youth and producers opportunities and experiences to enhance their knowledge on the current state of the farming economy as well as connecting them to valuable resources.


We have partnered with REAP (Rural Enterprise Assistance Project) to offer various learning opportunites throughout the year.  

Current Offer: 

Want to apply for assistance from REAP or curious how to qualify for a $100 Software reimbursement from Security Bank?

Contact your local branch today to learn more about how to apply for assitance.


2017 Ag Conference Invitation

2016 Security Bank Ag Conference  |  Dr. Brent Gloy

December 15, 2016  |  Hartington, NE


What Are You Doing to Position Yourself Successfully and Lower Your Cost of Production?


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Agri-Business Testimonials

See what our producers have to say...

What Kind of an Impact Can a Detailed Breakeven Analysis Make on Your Bottom Line?


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Security Bank President/CEO, Keith Knudsen, sat down withTyne Morgan of US Farm Report last month to go over some big issues effecting the current state of agriculture. 


"The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Security Bank has made banking there easy and worry-free.  From simple things, like setting up accounts for the kids, to more complex ones like construction loans and refinancing, they have treated us like family and made sure we are headed the direction that is best for us. We could not be happier with Security Bank!"

Ryan & Stacey Jackson 
Allen, NE

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