Long Term Care (LTCSP)

The Nebraska Long-Term Care Savings Plan (LTCSP) is an innovative tax-exempt savings option to help people pay for their future long-term care expenses. In 2006, Nebraska became the first state in the nation to offer this tax incentive to save and pay for long-term care.

Funds deposited in a LTCSP will accrue interest tax-free until withdrawn at any age, as long as they are used for long-term care needs or transferred to a beneficiary after death. The money can be used to pay long-term care needs for spouses or others in which the account holder has an insurable interest. After the age of 50, the funds also can be withdrawn tax-free to pay for long-term care insurance premiums.

Account at a Glance:

Minimum Balance Required No minimum balance required
Earns Interest Yes – Tiered interest rates paid quarterly. View Rates


Additional Information:

Want to know more about the Nebraska Long Term Care Savings Plan, including contribution limits and possible tax benefits? Follow the link below to learn more.

Nebraska Department of Revenue

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